Provide Ask a Librarian virtual reference services on your website

Move beyond content and transform your website into an extension of your in-person services. Live chat and a searchable knowledge base give patrons more opportunity and flexibility, opening up outreach possibilities.

LibraryH3lp is an Ask a Librarian software platform that unifies real-time website chat, searchable knowledge bases, email, text messaging, and your library's identity on popular IM networks and offers flexible staffing from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Forming a consortium or network of libraries? LibraryH3lp makes it easy to provide seamless staffing and transfer of chats between participating libraries staffing a collaborative service.

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  • Unlimited chat, knowledge bases, email, and users
  • Inexpensive text messaging
  • Ultra-flexible staffing
  • Works with LibGuides, EBSCO, Summon, Boopsie
  • Privacy is top priority
  • Professional back-up staffing through Chatstaff


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