What makes LibraryH3lp special?

LibraryH3lp is a sleek, open platform that interoperates easily with the products you already use. We avoid a "walled garden" approach so you are free to pick and choose what works best for you instead of wasting money on a bloated suite of tools that you don't use.

Privacy-first and secure

Our privacy-first approach to engagement complements the ethical direction and vision embraced by most libraries and non-profits. Transcript storage and collection of identifying metadata like IP addresses is under your control.

Professional backup staffing

Academic and public libraries can opt for coverage up to 24/7/365. Chatstaff is not a co-op, so you will not have to staff for other libraries. Chatstaff’s MLS librarians are trained to deliver the same quality help patrons have come to expect from you. Just think – your patrons can connect with a human for help anytime, even at 3am.

Standards-based chat & API

We use the Jabber (XMPP) chat protocol for chat, not a proprietary, closed method so there are lots of staffing software options and integration possibilities. With our REST API, you can access your data and create custom workflows.


Snapshots are images you've annotated to communicate an idea visually. You can send snapshots during a chat, include them in emails, or even generate and use them outside of LibraryH3lp in documentation, tutorials, guides, etc.


View the guest's screen in real-time during a chat. Screensharing works in tandem with snapshots. At any time while viewing the guest's screen, you can grab a snapshot of the screen, annotate it, and then send it to the guest.

Unlimited use is included and you may freely grant 3rd parties (like consortia partners or backup staffing) access. No awkward reliance on external screensharing software (like Zoom).

Screencasts & Slideshows

Screencasts are silent recordings of your screen. Save and share the raw recording as a webm video or transform your recording into a slideshow by selecting and optionally annotating frames to emphasize the steps you're illustrating.

24/7 FAQ Knowledgebase

Provide 24/7 self-service for guests with a FAQ. Build internal-only and public-facing searchable FAQs that work standalone or embedded within any web page. Import existing knowledge bases or start from scratch.


Your mailboxes are shared among staff so you can keep all emails organized, categorized, and in one place for easy follow up and coordination. Includes unlimited archive and advanced search features.


With this optional add-on, you'll receive a standard 10-digit phone number which you can advertise to guests. Incoming texts from guests appear as chat messages to staff. Responses go back to guests as text messages.

Open, affordable pricing

We publish our prices openly. Subscriptions include unlimited access to chat, sharing, email, FAQ.

Worldwide availability

We offer servers all over the world – the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Fully-featured trials

Trials are lengthy and fully-featured. Build your service and test it in production before paying a dime.

YOU make LibraryH3lp special

We listen. Feedback and suggestions from hundreds of libraries, educators, and non-profits all across the world continuously and directly flow into day-to-day platform development and evolution.

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