Flexible staffing options offers more opportunities for better customer service

With LibraryH3lp, you can staff from your browser, favorite Jabber client, or on your mobile device. And you can staff with any external Jabber account, like Microsoft Lync.

With so many staffing software options available, staff can pick and choose which solution works best for them at any given moment. Answer a chat from your smartphone and then transition to your desktop mid-chat.

Using your browser is convenient because there is nothing to download or install. Jabber clients, like Pidgin or Adium, let you combine your LibraryH3lp account with other IM accounts. And mobile apps let you staff from your smartphone or tablet when you're on the go.

No matter which option you choose to staff your service, you'll have access to all chat management features. See the guest's IP address and URL used to initiate the chat. Transfer guests among available staff. Send files to guests. Tag chats for follow-up. E-mail transcripts. Block abusive visitors. Review your service's profile notes for staffing tips.

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