Ensure consistent and superior customer service with comprehensive analysis tools

LibraryH3lp analysis tools

LibraryH3lp offers comprehensive tools and statistics that reveal the critical information you need to ensure a superior online service experience for guests.

With real-time and historical service analysis tools, you can monitor on-going chats with guests, intervene in on-going chats by transferring the guest to another colleague or branch/department, browse past chats and transcripts, download chat metadata and transcripts, and create interactive graphs to analyze your service, categorize chats by page to see where guests are finding and using your service, and discover which communication channels are most popular with guests.

  • Categorize chats by web page, dept, or branch
  • Browse chat metadata and transcripts
  • Save and download ZIP file of chat transcripts
  • Save and download CSV file of chat metadata
  • Graph chats per hour, month, protocol, queue, user
  • Examine per-operator stats, including wait times
  • Save and download graphs as images
  • Save and download CSV file of graph data

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