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Professional Backup Staffing

Our partner, Chatstaff, has extensive experience with both academic and public libraries. Chatstaff is flexible to your needs, covering 24/7/365 or select hours. Chatstaff also helps implement your service, process analytics, maintain FAQs, and more.

Tired of 2 minute wait times? Today’s online patrons don’t want to wait for a response, and often leave if the wait seems too long. That’s why Chatstaff is careful to keep staffing levels high enough to maintain an average wait time of under 10 seconds.

  • Staffed by ALA-accredited librarians, not students.
  • Chatstaff is not a co-op. You never need to contribute coverage for other libraries in order to receive coverage.
  • Already have your own co-op? BYO co-ops work seamlessly. Home Team First routing keeps it local when your co-op is online, and Chatstaff has your back when it is not.
  • Years of experience serving academic & public libraries.
  • Create your own schedule or go all in with 24/7/365.
  • Knows how to work with your resources and places focus on licensed resources.
  • Chatstaff is priced separately from LibraryH3lp.

Interested in professional back-up staffing?

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